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The world of social media can be overwhelming for small businesses adopting to for the first time. It can seem like a time sink for no return, but at the same time, you see competitors getting something out of it. How can you use it for your business? We’re here to help.

We specifically focus on Twitter and how you can leverage it as a social channel to grow your business and keep in touch with your customers.


Our focus.

We help you understand how to use Twitter to grow your business.
Customer Communication

We help you design a strategy for customer communication, specifically geared for the Twitter. Limited characters, but limitless potential.

Twitter Presentations

We occasionally run webinars to show you, hands-on, how to use Twitter for your business, answering questions along the way.

Get Visual

Take advantage of short attention spans by augmenting your limited characters on Twitter with links to photos and videos. Visual means better engagement.

Mobile Engagement

Everyone is using their phones these days, but are they interacting with your business? We'll help you be part of the mobile conversation.


TwitterLocal Expertise.

Here's what to expect of our editorial content here at TwitterLocal.

50,000ft View

Learn what Twitter can do for your business at a high-level before diving into the weeds and learning tips.


Keep up-to-date

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest trends, device interactions, and software.


Twitter Strategy

We’ll help you map out your Twitter strategy and stay organized around your goals.


Local SMB Focus

We’re focused on you – the local SMB – and helping you understand how Twitter can help you interact with customers in your community.


Get in Touch

Need to reach out for questions, comments, or want a quote on custom support and services?