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Welcome to TwitterLocal, a great place for customers to connect to local businesses and then tweet about them using Twitter

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What was Twitter Local?

TwitterLocal used to watch the Twitter public feed, caching all Tweets with a valid location. People were able to generate feeds from this site based on location, as well as use the TwitterLocal AIR client to subcribe to location feeds.

What is Twitter Local Now?

Since Twitter cut off their Jabber feed from TwitterLocal, we had to rely purely on the XML API, which meant that only about 20% of Tweets from the public timeline got into TwitterLocal. Now that Twitter has a location-based search API, we don't have to cache the posts anymore. So now, TwitterLocal is going to be purely an Adobe AIR based application that allows you to filter Tweets by location.

Download Twitter Local

The TwitterLocal AIR Client allows you to watch as many location-based Twitter feeds as you want. Requires Adobe AIR version 1.5.

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